Skip The Cookies—treat Santa To A Platter Of Olive Garden Breadsticks

Olive Garden is offering "extra breadsticks for Santa" just in time for Christmas Eve.

If I were, say, an ageless magical figure eternally tasked with delivering presents to the world's children, I'd probably want some variety in my life. Oh, you left some cookies out for Santa? That's great—so did everyone else, and now he's two hours into his delivery schedule feeling like absolute shit. With this in mind, Olive Garden suggests leaving breadsticks out for the jolly old elf instead.


The Olive Garden website currently features an option to tack "extra breadsticks for Santa" on to any order. "Santa is tired of cookies," the website reads. "Give him something he really wants, Olive Garden breadsticks!" You can order a half dozen or a dozen, baked or unbaked, starting at $4.29. (I suppose you could also sit down at an Olive Garden restaurant and cram extras into your bag for free, but that seems like a one-way ticket to the Naughty List. Also, messy!)

Of course, the breadsticks come with a variety of dipping sauce options, including marinara, five cheese marinara, or Alfredo sauce. Personally, I'd go with marinara. If Santa spills, it'll blend right into his stunning red suit.


If you order your breadsticks online, you can download a coloring page for kiddos complete with a personalized note for Santa. I suppose you could use the note to explain the method behind your breadstick madness, but if I'm Santa in this scenario, I'm not asking questions—I'm taking the breadsticks and hitting the road.

While the breadsticks are available through Christmas Eve, keep in mind that some Olive Garden locations close early to allow employees to skedaddle home for the occasion. That's up to the restaurants' individual management teams, so be sure to contact your local franchise to make sure you don't miss your shot.

Merry Christmas to all, and to all a carbo-loaded night!