Ohio Man Calls 911, Causes Drive-Thru Standoff Over Rejected Burger King Coupon

File this one under "people who need to take a chill pill:" a 73-year-old man called 911 Thursday afternoon after a Burger King in Lakewood, Ohio wouldn't accept his buy-one, get-one-free Whopper coupon. According to Fox-8, the man also refused to move his vehicle from the drive-thru lane.


A manager had informed the man that because his coupon was issued in Texas, it wasn't valid at Ohio locations of Burger King. The man told police the situation escalated when the manager refused to give the coupon back to him. He told 911 dispatchers: "Anyway the guy took my coupons and he won't give them back to me and he won't give me the free Whopper that they call for either."

When police arrived, they ensured his coupon was returned to him. No one was charged, but according to the police report: the man "was advised he is not allowed to return to this Burger King."