Ohio Man Eats 400 Skyline Coney Dogs This Year, Receives Gift Basket

Who can even remember what their erstwhile New Year's resolution was for 2018? Ben Cohn can, because he made good on his. The Harrison, Ohio man pledged on January 1, 2018, that he would consume 400 Skyline coney dogs this year, and as of mid-October, he's already hit his target.


News station WLWT-5 reports Cohn set his goal on New Year's Day, when his friends dared him to eat an entire party sub by himself. He declined that challenge, but offered instead to consume 400 Skyline chili-topped hot dogs over the course of the year. (How he came up with this challenge is not specified.) For those not native to Ohio, Skyline is that state's unofficial culinary mascot, a thin, cinnamon-accented chili that can be served atop hot dogs or spaghetti.

Cohn spent 291 days of 2018 consuming a daily average of 1.37 Skyline coney dogs, though he didn't eat one every day. He'd take some breaks, but would make up for it by consuming anywhere from four to 10 coneys in one sitting.

His order? "Four cheese coneys, no onion, no mustard."


After completing his self-imposed challenge two and a half months before the year even ends, Cohn tweeted he received a chili-packed gift basket from Skyline to thank him for his loyalty. (His mother also reportedly printed him a "400 Club" shirt.)

What's next for this man in 2019? Eating 500 Skyline 4-ways? Perhaps a goetta quest? Maybe a green-juice detox?