Obama Leaves $40 Tip For Taco Lunch In Florida

As the midterms approach (maybe you've heard about them), President Barack Obama has been campaigning furiously for key Democratic candidates. On Friday, he took a break to go out for tacos with Florida gubernatorial candidate Andrew Gillum and Senator Bill Nelson, who are in competitive races against their Republican opponents. As the Miami Herald put it, "everyone lost their minds."

As the former president entered Coyo Taco with an entourage of fellow politicians and a ton of Secret Service agents, he was swarmed by fellow taco enthusiasts, and posed for several selfies. Pulled behind the counter, he joked, "This is a health code violation!"

He ordered the special—"Cochinita Pibil, Pollo al Carbon, Camaron, Guacamole and Esquite"—and said he was treating his friends. As he waited for his food he shared a chip with a fellow patron and wished a bride-to-be best wishes. Once his food arrived he left a generous $40 tip, and the keepsake of a lifetime for the receipt holder. Obama didn't even take points off for his misspelled name as "Barrack" (maybe the cashier was nervous typing).

By that point, word had spread of the former president's whereabouts, and he was greeted by a large crowd as he left the restaurant before heading off to further campaigning. Please vote on Tuesday.