MTA Thanksgiving Feast Raises The Bar For Subway Performance Art

The MTA is a fascinating ecosystem, on even an average day. But this week, some comedians helped to push the limits of subway car performance art with an entire staged Thanksgiving feast, complete with turkey and sides.

The Washington Post reports that riders on the L Train to Brooklyn on Sunday were surprised with offerings of turkey, yams, nonalcoholic sparkling wine, greens, and stuffing from a white-tablecloth spread, dished up by a team helmed by comedian Jodell "Joe Show" Lewis and Christopher Dupree (aka Dupree God). The reason for the stunt, Lewis explains, was to counteract the melancholy caused by the L Train's recent construction-related delays. "People are really unhappy waiting to ride this train," he told the Post. "So we said, 'Let's bring joy and feed New Yorkers at the same time.'"

Chef Brandi Baxter designed, cooked, and transported the meal to the Union Square stop in a suitcase, and the rest of the team was assigned jobs like doling out plates and setting up electric candles. Several riders reportedly gave their compliments to the chef upon tasting the food.

As much of an impediment as such a stunt might be to commuters, no one in the videos looks too displeased when they're offered home-cooked food in the most unexpected of places. Plus, as Baxter notes, "We were fortunate enough not to run into NYPD."