Nuggets-In-Cola Lady Pushing New Instructional Video, Dipping Sauce

We all have our 15 minutes of fame at some point—mine is from a tweet about the Cubs' World-Series-related tardy excuses at my kids' school that went completely viral—but you kind of have to hand it to those seconds-long celebs who know how to milk that momentary online attention. Case in point: Back in September, U.S. Open attendee Alexa Greenfield asked her nephews to make sure that no one was watching as she was about to dip her chicken nuggets into her cola, a habit she had picked up in childhood to cool the nuggets down before eating the. Turns out, the whole world was watching, and Greenfield's strange habit was mostly derided, somewhat praised worldwide.

She may have some strange snacking habits, but also mad marketing skills: Greenfield has just released "Chicken Soda," an "instructional video" with a melody loosely based on the "Chicken Dance" to promote cola as a nugget dipping sauce. (The video is ridiculously gratuitous, featuring Greenfield eating soaked chicken nuggets in sportscars, mansions, a bathtub. Dip nuggets in soda and eat, how hard is that to figure out?)

But that's just the beginning, according to Fox News; Greenfield is also set to debut her own "cola sauce" for dipping purposes. She enthuses, "There is currently no cola-flavored sauce on the retail market, and I think people will be surprised at how good it is. In 20 years, nobody will remember it was ever taboo to pair cola and chicken." We may have to take her word for it there. But we may never be able to get the image of Greenfield in a bathtub of cola, showered with chicken, properly scrubbed from our brains.

In the meantime, Greenfield fans can order merch from her Chicken Soda Facebook page, including T-Shirts and plastic cups with phrases like "Now watch me dip." Seriously, I'm just sitting over here kicking myself. Too late to come up with my own line of Cubs Post-It excuses based on that 2016 win?