Nudist Restaurant Opens In Paris Because France

As someone who perfected the art of changing without being seen in my undies at a very young age, I'm always baffled by people who relish being nude in public. Or being nude anywhere, really.

Which is why when I saw that a nudist restaurant is opening in Paris, my initial response was abject horror. I suppose that reaction is due to the combination of a sexually repressed American culture, years of Catholic school, and good old-fashioned body shame.

Eater reports that O'naturel opened in Paris' 12th arrondissement earlier this month. It bills itself as a "naturist restaurant," serving French bistro staples including foie gras and snails and—thank heavens—they change out the seat covers between customers, according to ABC News. 

While a nudist restaurant in America seems like a long way off, the demand is out there: London's pop-up nudist restaurant The Bunyadi had a 50,000 person waiting list before it announced plans to open a more permanent location in, you guessed it, Paris. And an estimated 3.5 million people practice nudism in France every year,  ABC News reports.

Here are a few more things to know before you eat crème brûlée in your birthday suit on your next jaunt across the Atlantic:

  • Cell phones are banned, so no taking secret photos of your dining companion's junk (are nudists beyond this type of behavior because I'm certainly not).
  • Reservations are required.
  • Employees of O'naturel must wear clothing, presumably, the cooks in the kitchen as well.
  • There are blackout curtains on the windows to keep peepers at bay.
  • There is a changing room so you can and should wear clothing to the restaurant and not subject train or bus riders to your bare ass.