If You're More Of A Savory Breakfast Person, Now You Can Make Pizza Cereal

Remember pancake cereal? Cookie cereal? Yes, we only learned about those two weeks ago, but that's an eternity in COVID time. So take a moment to refresh your memory if you need to. And then get ready for pizza cereal!

Pizza cereal is the creation of Valentina Mussi of Miami, who has apparently been having a great time during quarantine whipping up fluffy milk drinks and other unlikely cereals. Pizza cereal is a huge departure for her because it's savory, not sweet. She provides a demonstration of how to make it on her Instagram:

"Yes, very similar to the frozen bagel bite things (never had one)," she writes in a caption, "but I'm assuming that these taste even betterā£." (There's also leftover pizza straight from the fridge, but it doesn't come in cute little bite-sized pieces.)

You don't need to eat it with milk. In fact, Mussi told Insider in an interview, you probably shouldn't. She said her fans are grateful for this. (Who knew people hated milk in cereal so much?)

"I think the fascination with the cereal trend has to do with the tiny versions of food being cute and small," she said. This is maybe true? Anyway, it opens up a whole new world of Instagram cereals.