Nothing Can Go Wrong At A Nightclub With A Ball Pit

I've long suspected that I am an old person inside, but news of Concourse—Philadelphia's coming-soon nightclub/"dive bar"/ball pit—confirmed it. My first thoughts were of germs and potential safety hazards, whereas I guess a younger person would just think this was the bee's knees.

Drink Philly lists Concourse's opening date as Friday, February 2, at which point it will reveal to the public its three bars, second-floor mezzanine lounge, photo booth, arcade games, DJ booth, wall-to-wall AV system, dance floor, and yes, ball pit. Concourse bills itself as a "dance bar," combining "equal parts nightclub, dive bar, and playground."

A few provisos concerning this ball pit: It fits 20 people at a time, and these people must not be wearing shoes. That's logical, I guess, but also... ew. (The bar will provide those shoe-trying-on socks called peds if you'd like.) The ball pit is first-come, first-served. The ball pit is cleaned regularly by an unspecified machine. The ball pit is not responsible for your lost items, but staff will look for them at the end of the night. The ball pit does not permit drinks.

FCM Hospitality, the company behind Concourse, also owns other Philadelphia bars and restaurants including Morgan's Pier, The Dolphin Tavern, and Craft Hall. Presumably they know what they're doing; my ball-pit skepticism is perhaps mislaid. You kids have a good time in there—I'll be at home under my afghan.