Nothing Bad Can Come Of Jägermeister Sponsoring An NHL Team

I hail from New Jersey, the land of Jäger bombs and their attendant boardwalk brawls. I thought—incorrectly—that this anise-flavored liqueur had faded into obscurity in the post-Jersey Shore era, but it's still going strong and, as BevNet reports, sponsoring an NHL team: the New York Rangers. Whether this is the slickest marketing ever to come out of Staten Island or just a coincidence, I cannot say. But the introduction of Jäger ads to a sport already prone to violence is just [kisses fingers like a chef] too rich.

According to BevNet, Jägermeister—actually the top-selling imported liqueur in the United States—inked the deal this month to become an official sponsor of the team.

"Jägermeister is very proud to bring the ice kühl shot to the rink by becoming an official sponsor of the New York Rangers," Chris Peddy, chief marketing officer of Mast-Jägermeister US, tells BevNet. "Like Jägermeister, the New York Rangers' fans are full of spirit and character."

Yes, spirit and character, definitely not rage and Red Bull.

The sponsorship includes two Madison Square Garden dasherboards—those signs along the ice's edge—as well as ads on more than 100 TVs throughout the arena, plus pre-game events at area bars and restaurants. Please drink responsibly, especially because you're holding that hockey stick so ominously.