Nominate Your Favorite Caffeine Freak To Win A Year's Supply Of Diet Coke

I once had a boss who consumed well over 100 ounces of Diet Coke every single day. The dude brought a 48-ounce QuikTrip XL cup of Diet Coke into the office every morning, refilled his chalice at lunch and then again at 3 p.m. I shared this story with my Takeout coworkers, and it turns out we all know at least one high-octane Diet Coke fiend. Chances are that you do, too—and now you can treat your Diet Coke devotee to a year's supply of the sweet, sweet libation.

In honor of National Boss's Day, Diet Coke is giving away a free year's supply of Diet Coke to three deserving bosses. According to the brand's website, "everyone is a boss this year"—meaning you can nominate any Diet Coke fanatic in your life, not just your employer. That could be your partner, your mom, or a coworker with some seriously respectable hustle. Three grand prize winners will win the year's supply of Diet Coke and a sick-ass mini fridge so they can keep their spoils within reach and avoid midday pilgrimages to QuikTrip.

To fill out the nomination form, all you'll need is a quick description of your nominee, including a convincing blurb explaining why they deserve this frankly hedonistic quantity of Diet Coke. Just fill 'er out and submit your nomination before November 16. Diet Coke will select the winners by December, and the lucky few will receive their first Coke delivery in early 2021. Winners need to be at least 18 years of age, which is probably a good call considering the sheer amount of caffeine and artificial sweetener they'll soon have coursing through their veins.