No Reservations Returns To Cable Next Month

Almost a year has passed since Anthony Bourdain's untimely death, and we don't miss him any less. Thankfully, we can still watch him via Hulu (seasons 7 and 8 of No Reservations); via Netflix (seasons 7 through 11 of Parts Unknown); and soon, on cable TV again. Ovation network has announced it will air three-hour blocks of seasons 5 through 8 of No Reservations beginning June 6.

Those episodes will see him travel to Vietnam, Rome, India, Portugal, Beirut, Cuba, and more, and include two holiday specials (seasons 6 and 8). Most bittersweet will be the series finale, set in Brooklyn.

Next to cooking your way through Bourdain's recipes, rewatching favorite episodes is perhaps the best way to remember him. And while the convenience of streaming is nice—the No Reservations episodes will also be available on the Ovation NOW app—there's something to be said for making a standing appointment to watch these multi-hour blocks, popcorn bowl in hand.