Recipes For People Who Are Missing Just One Crucial Ingredient

Despite promises from food manufacturers that pantry staples like butter, eggs, and milk will be on their way to grocery stores very, very soon, many people still find themselves bored, ready to bake something, and one or two key ingredients short.

USA Today has compiled a list of recipes culled from the internet that suggest substitutions for basic baking components: chocolate chip cookies that use cream cheese for moisture instead of eggs, a chocolate cake that uses milk and vegetable oil instead of eggs and butter, a Nutella mug-cake, a vanilla cake with vinegar. (The article helpfully notes that many of these recipes—though not necessarily the ones I've mentioned here—are also vegan.)

What if you really want chocolate chip cookies and you have neither eggs nor cream cheese? Sorry, this article can't help you with that. Maybe you'll just have to settle for vanilla cake instead?