9-Year-Old Writes Mom-Dissing Letter, Gets To Speak At Taco Bell Convention

Kinsley James, 9, asked her mom for Taco Bell for dinner. Her mom said no. So Kinsley sat down and wrote a letter to Taco Bell corporate, and now she's going to speak at the Taco Bell corporate convention in Las Vegas later this month. Not bad, Kinsley, not bad—but have you ever gotten a day's worth of HBO knocked off your cable bill because of an unexpected outage in your area?

The argument in James' letter is this: her mom is just the worst, and it would help her out a lot if the Bell would deliver food to her house. Per The Week:

"Dear Taco Bell," the 9-year-old from Davison, Michigan, wrote. "Today I really wanted tacos, but my mean mom wouldn't take me and I'm only 9 so I cannot drive." She went on to spell out why Taco Bell needs a delivery service — some people recovering from surgery can't drive themselves to get food, she said, and others really want nacho fries but are just too lazy to get out of the house. Delivery is also "a good way to make more money," James reminded the company.

James' mother, Cindy Prevo, passed the letter along to the company (via Facebook) despite the fact that her daughter called her a "mean mom." A few days later, the family got a call from the bigwigs up in Chalupatown, inviting James to attend the annual convention and read her letter before 400 franchise owners.

This all reminds me of that episode of The Golden Girls where Rose writes letters to Gorbachev and Reagan and they assume she's a little girl and want to make her a symbol of peace, only in this case the writer is actually a little girl and instead of peace it's nacho fries at 11 p.m. Keep up the good work, Kinsley.

Taco Bell's president of communications confirmed that the chain is working on a delivery option, and that a pilot program is currently underway in Indianapolis.

In closing, below you'll find all the things I've written about Taco Bell in the last several months. I'm still waiting on my phone call.