Nickelodeon Slime Now Available In Ice-Cream Form

Every kid who's ever wanted to get slimed at the Nickelodeon's Kids Choice Awards may now be able to get the 23rd or 24th best thing: Slime Ice Cream. People reports that starting today, Nickelodeon Slime ice cream cups and frozen bars will be available exclusively at Walmart. The cups are made with "low-fat vanilla ice cream and green icing swirls" and cost about $5 for 12, while the pops are a combination of "creamy lemon lime and orange ices" and cost about $3 for a dozen.

It's not a bad marketing ploy, appealing to millennial parents and their young kids in one fell scoop—er, swoop. Previous slime food attempts include "Slime Sauce" ketchup, and Jell-o's edible slime, which combined the kids' craft trend with actual food.

People points out that a former Nickelodeon host once revealed "the sticky slime is actually made up of vanilla pudding, apple sauce, green food coloring and a little oatmeal." So these ice cream bars and pops appear to be mimicking their namesake in name and appearance only. That probably won't make much difference at all to the kids (and their parents) who want to snatch them up for nostalgia's sake.