Oh Thank Goodness, A Nice Story About Nice EMTs And A Nice Stranger And, Um, IHOP

The night is dark and full of terrors, and not in a fictional, Westerosian way. In an actual "holy shit everything's terrible" kind of way. So by gum, when you come across a story of someone doing something nice for some strangers out of the kindness of their heart, then you write it up, dammit.

CNN draws our attention to one such story. The scene: Toms River, New Jersey. A group of EMTs sit, having a nice breakfast of not-burgers at IHOP after a long, long night shift. "We were all a little fried after Thursday night," Alyssa Golembeski, the captain of Toms River First Aid Squad, tells CNN. And so there they sat, all tired and hungry after a long night of helping people stay alive, when the manager of previously-a-burger-palace IHOP walked up to deliver some news, and a note.

"Paid," it reads. "Thank you for all you do! Have a great day!" It's signed, "Recovering Addict."

Come on, that is a damn nice thing. It wasn't just a couple of entry-level burgers with sides of hotcakes, either. As Golembeski put it, ""EMTs do not eat light... We racked up a $77 bill."

It was a kindness, a small good thing that moved the group to tears. Golembeski told CNN that she asked the manager if her team could thank their benefactor, but they were told that she—a she, apparently—wanted to remain anonymous. They shared the above Facebook post in hopes she'd come forward, but no luck as of yet.

"[G]etting that thank you note, it was the nicest thing anyone could have ever done for us," Golembeski told CNN, adding that she wanted to convey two messages to the anonymous IHOP diner.

"First of all, thank you for buying our breakfast and for literally making my whole week... I couldn't stop smiling that entire day."

"Second of all, I just want to commend you for getting into recovery and for beating the disease that is addiction."

What did I tell you? Nice. A nice story that involves IHOP. My stars.