NFL Players Complain About PB&J Sandwiches In A Very Specific Way

The players complained about a "70-30" ingredient ratio during last night's weather delay.

Professional football players inspire a surprising amount of food discourse. Well, maybe it's not so surprising given the average players' staggering caloric intake. But this week's NFL food chatter is a bit more whimsical than usual, following a weather delay that left Buffalo Bills and Kansas City Chiefs players halfheartedly chowing on peanut butter and jelly sandwiches—sandwiches that some players felt were improperly prepared.

Here's how it went down: during last night's Bills/Chiefs weather delay, NBC's Michele Tafoya reported that the players were passing the time by snacking on PB&J sandwiches. Unfortunately, some players remarked that the sandwiches had a non-deal 70-30 peanut butter to jelly ratio. The minimal jelly dispersion displeased the athletes, much to the amusement of NFL fans and commentators.

The remarks led to plenty of discussion about proper PB&J preparation, with NBC football commentators Mike Tirico, Drew Brees, and Tony Dungy getting involved in the studio. Brees remarked: "To me, the real question is: is it grape jelly or strawberry jelly?" (We've asked this question before, too.) But ESPN fans were more concerned about the PB/jelly ratio, taking to Twitter to comment. "If Buffalo want to win the Superbowl, they need the consistency right on the sandwiches," tweeted one fan. "The person responsible for this 70/30 split is on thin ice, need that player morale up as high as it can be and it starts with the sandwiches. Personally I'm a 50/50 guy."

Fans also remarked on the idea of these elite athletes enjoying elementary school fare in the locker room. "The fact that these super athletes that are paid millions of dollars sat around at half and ate PB&J sandwiches and orange slices like a 12u soccer team may be the best storyline this weekend," another fan tweeted.

In the end, the Bills conquered the Chiefs with a final score of 38 to 20. Can the Chiefs blame the loss on non-ideal peanut butter and jelly sandwich preparation? That might be a stretch—but the locker room sandwich artist is still in hot water.