Newsmax Host Shares Terrible, Fishy Customer Service Experience On Twitter

Early yesterday morning, Newsmax host and self-described beauty influencer Greg Kelly (pronouns he/him/The Big Buy) had a yen for a fried fish sandwich. So he headed over to his local fast food joint. And then he had an experience so terrible, he just had to share it on Twitter:


"I just went to a MACDONALD'S and there was no MCFISH on the menu," he raged. "When did this happen? Is it permanently banned?"

When he demanded to see a "manager" (scare quotes his), the counter staff accused him of being a "MALE KAREN" (again, scare quotes his, and all-caps, too). So he bravely walked out.

Twitter is perhaps not the best place to share such a story. The kinder users pointed out that the chain's name is spelled "McDonald's," that the fried fish sandwich has always been called "Filet-O-Fish," and that early in the morning, McDonald's only serves its breakfast menu, which does not include fish. Some suggested that perhaps Kelly confused McDonald's with MacDowell's, the fictional fast food joint in Coming To America (but also added that Akeem, the African prince-turned-fast food worker played by Eddie Murphy, was so good-natured, he probably would have tried to accommodate Kelly).


Others were not so kind. They told Kelly that McFish had been removed from the menu because of political correctness. "Why do you hate America and the free market?" tweeted another. Someone else suggested that Kelly had fabricated the entire story—surely calling a customer a "male Karen" would be grounds for firing—to make some sort of point about "cancel culture," only it ended up making him look foolish instead.

Kelly, however, was unperturbed.

"MAJOR DISCOVERY OF FAKE NEWS MALPRACTICE —@newsmax NOW," he tweeted in the evening. "(And we'll meet the McFish)"

Well, then. I guess we'll all have to tune into Newsmax?