Hershey Improves The Whatchamacallit, Introduces Whozeewhatzit

Remember Whatchamacallit bars? The humble yet satisfying crisp rice candy bar with the glorious crunchy finish? If you look closely, you can usually find them nestled quietly in the candy aisle next to bigger, flashier candies, waiting patiently to re-enter the spotlight. Now, the Whatchamacallit's time has come: Hershey's has announced in a press release that it is spawning a family. Readers, I give you the Whozeewhatzit.

Starting in February, Whatchamacallit fans can enjoy the Whozeewhatzit, a candy bar that layers peanut butter crème over rice crips and encases it all in melt-in-your-mouth chocolate. The Whozeewhatzit got its name in a contest that garnered more than 43,000 suggestions from Hershey fans.

"The new Whozeewhatzit bar has all the wacky, crazy, chew-tastic perks that Whatchamacallit fans love, plus a few more," Whatchamacallit brand manager Jenna Hamm said in the press release. "There were lots of great submissions but none that captured the bar's irresistible characteristics while still paying homage to the beloved Whatchamacallit brand quite like the name Whozeewhatzit."

The release claims that the new bar "takes wacky, crazy, crunchy and chewy to a new level," which I think is very funny and endearing. Just imagine all the wacky antics you'll get into after digging into a Whozeewhatzit, like wearing your sweatpants backward or speaking in Pig Latin until your spouse begs you to stop. Either way, the newcomer sounds like a fun little sweet treat in a time when we could all use a fun little sweat treat. The Whozeewhatzit will be available next month in standard 1.5-ounce and king-sized 3.0-ounce bars. Let's get wacky!