The Sonic Of The Future Has Landed

Last winter saw the demolition of one of the country's oldest Sonic restaurants, located right off Route 62 in Tahlequa, Oklahoma. From the ashes arose a chili-cheese phoenix, heralding the dawn of a new day. Behold! The Sonic of the future!

According to a release by parent company Inspire Brands, the bright pops of red, blue, and yellow are meant to "[remind] guests that summertime is a feeling, not just a season." The Sonic of the future is more than just a fast food restaurant—it's also self care. The large illuminated cherry featured on the side of the building is "a nod to the more than 9 million Cherry Limeades enjoyed at its drive-ins across the country each year." I think it's extremely cute, and I am very much looking forward to seeing it on an ugly Christmas sweater eventually.

And take a look at this bright and lively outdoor patio! Its color palette screams "good vibes only," and that big-ass plant really classes up the joint. Not all existing Sonic locations have large areas for outdoor dining, so this is very exciting news for car-free people who prefer not to eat their footlong hot dogs while squatting on the curb next to the dumpster. The release also mentions that customers will be able to "enjoy lawn games" at the Sonic of the Future, but does not specify what those lawn games are, nor how long it will take for mischievous teens to steal all the pieces. The company says the area is designed to give customers "a moment of carefree bliss," because whose personal meditation routine doesn't involve a SuperSONIC® Double Cheeseburger or two?

A second restaurant in Fort Worth, Texas is upgrading to the new design and is expected to reopen in the coming weeks. As for when this Sonic Of The Future will be arriving in your town, the company confirmed that several franchisees are in the process of renovating their existing locations but did not specify how long it will take for them to bring the true spirit of summer to one and all.