New Peeps Flavors And Pepsi Boycotts: The Week's Top Grocery News

Plus, Walmart expands its use of AI, as unveiled at CES 2024.

This week, Walmart unveiled some futuristic new developments, and French grocery chain Carrefour is fighting back against PepsiCo's price hikes. Read on for our top grocery stories of the week.

The 6 Foods With the Worst Packaging

Doesn't it seem like some food packaging was designed to make our lives more difficult? There's usually a reason that the most irritating packages are like that, whether it's related to ease of shipping or just good old nostalgia. But just because these products are tough to open, reseal, or store doesn't mean you have to suffer. We have six tips for managing some of the most notoriously inefficient packaging in the grocery store. - Betsy Parks Read More


Peeps Announces Four New Flavors in 2024

Much like the 2024 Girl Scout cookie season kickoff, this year's announcement of new Peeps flavors has come earlier than ever. Easter itself is fairly early this year, falling on March 31, and Greek Orthodox Easter isn't till May 5, meaning there's a wide window in which to showcase Easter's most divisive yet iconic treat. Just Born, maker of Peeps, intends to make full use of the Easter candy season. - Marnie Shure Read More


This Grocery Store Is Fighting Back Against Price Gouging

Shoppers in Europe have been warned that they can say goodbye to their favorite PepsiCo products. Between inflation, shrinkflation, and greedflation, France-based international retailer Carrefour has had enough. – Lauren Harkawik Read More


How Walmart Is Preparing for the Future

At CES 2024 (formerly known as the Consumer Electronics Show), happening now in Las Vegas, companies from all over the world are showing off the innovations of the future. Among the reveals of smart picture frames and transparent TVs, retail behemoth Walmart has unveiled how it plans to use AI to make it easier for you to spend money. - Lauren Harkawik Read More