Even A National Crisis Can't Stop Mountain Dew From Innovating

As we learned last week, some businesses are not actually taking a hit from the economic piledriver that is the COVID-19 pandemic—in fact, they're doing quite well under the circumstances. One of the companies that has seen an increase in sales during this time is Walmart. And with our appetite for comfort foods through the roof right now, why not comfort beverages?

Enter Mountain Dew, that most intrepid of products. At this point I feel I must inform you of two things: one, that the product is technically styled as "MTN DEW" these days, and two, that I will not be calling it that for the duration of this article, except one more time: Mountain Dew debuted a new flavor this week called MTN DEW Frost Bite, sold exclusively at Walmart.

Positioned as a drink for the upcoming warm weather months, Frost Bite features "a burst of icy refreshment and cool melon flavor," according to a press release. Furthermore, "From the graphic shark "breaking the ice" on the packaging – to the chilling rush of the flavor within – every aspect of MTN DEW Frost Bite manifests the badass spirit of the MTN DEW brand matched with Walmart's promise to deliver a convenient and fun buying experience for shoppers." Maybe someone can tell those fast food fashion designers to mock up a T-shirt of this badass shark. Truly the baddest ass shark that's ever graced a soda bottle.

One more thing I believe is worth noting here: this beverage company refers to its fans as DEW NATION (all caps optional). If you consider yourself a citizen of DEW NATION, congratulations on the latest annexation!