Do Not Give Me A Break, Just Give Me This New Kit Kat

Ah, the mighty Kit Kat. A first-round draft pick in the realm of chocolate candies. Crisp and creamy. Easily shared and easily devoured. A top-notch foodstuff already, and later this year, a new Kit Kat will rise to further entrench the brand in the hearts and minds of chocolate and wafer lovers at home and abroad.

Actually, it'll just be at home, if you live in the United States. Kit Kat will officially release its first new permanent Kit Kat flavor in nearly a decade at the end of this year to stores across the U.S., and it sounds like a winner. The Kit Kat Duos Mint + Dark Chocolate bar features a mint crème on top and dark chocolate on the bottom, both encasing the crispy wafers that make the Kit Kat so distinctive. It looks good, as you already know based on the picture above, and it sounds pretty delicious, too.

It's also not the only new thing on the horizon. In the press release announcing the new flavor, a senior brand manager for Kit Kat teased that there's more to come. Odds are, whatever it is will be announced before we get to buy one of these beauties, as they are not slated to hit stores until December 2019.