Chaos Reigns As Leaked Chicken Fat Slickens Mississippi Streets

A tank truck leaked chicken fat onto the streets of New Albany, Mississippi, earlier this week.

Earlier this week in New Albany, Mississippi, chaos ruled the day. Drivers careened across highways and city streets, unable to control their vehicles. Old ladies attempting to cross the street were met with a surface slicker than an ice rink. Emergency crews barked orders at passersby, all standing nearby in an attempt to witness... The Slickening.


This is an exaggeration (probably). But New Albany was pretty dang slick on Monday, August 2, after a tank truck leaked chicken fat onto the streets, the New Albany Gazette reports. The Gazette spoke with New Albany Fire Chief Mark Whiteside, who reported that police discovered the slickness when they reported to a motor vehicle accident on Monday. "When officers arrived, they found a considerable amount of liquid on the roadway, causing a very slippery condition," the chief said. "The trail of extremely slick substance was traced from the east side of the city, onto Interstate 22, exiting at Munsford, where it trailed back to Highway 30 west and out of town."

Whiteside told the Gazette that his department discovered the slimy substance was leaking from the top of a tank truck, originating from a nearby bio diesel facility. "Apparently there had been some mechanical issues unloading and the product, which was chicken fat, did not unload properly," Whiteside said. "The top hatch on the tank may not have been secured as it should have been, and when the truck/trailer would stop and start again, significant amounts of product would leak from the trailer and out on the ground." Imagine driving behind that truck. Imagine the sloshing. Dear God, the sloshing!


The truck company employed a team to handle clean-up, which reportedly continued late into the evening. There were no reported injuries from the slick roads, but there were many, many jokes. "There were so many puns yesterday, and I've heard them all," Whiteside said. "It was like ice. We were told we went from the Snow Storm of 2021 and making sure people didn't slide off-road to Chicken Fat Storm 2021." Worst Slip 'N Slide ever.