Toll House Finally Sells Raw Cookie Dough You Can Eat Without Fear

If you count on raw cookie for that small jolt of fear that makes you feel alive, well, you'll just have to start rinsing raw chicken or something. Nestle's Toll House brand quietly introduced a line of raw cookie doughs that are designed to be eaten as-is, no baking required.

I've been pro-cookie dough for years ("If I go down eating raw cookie dough, at least I'll have died doing what I love") with nary a stomach issue to speak of—not that I don't understand the risks involved. So I'm just the target market for the new line, which comes in 15-ounce refrigerated tubs of flavors including chocolate chip and peanut butter chocolate chip. The dough is reportedly made without raw flour or eggs, the ingredients that the Centers For Disease Control says makes typical raw cookie dough dangerous.

Nestle hasn't released details about the cookie dough line; all the information we have is from social media photos of the actual product. At a time where food product releases are becoming more and more involved, this is actually refreshing.