Woman Issues Dire Warning About Needle In McDonald's Fries, Is Coincidentally Missing A Needle

The Australian produce crisis, which began with some sick bastard (or bastards) hiding needles in strawberries, continues. Since we first reported on this story on September 17, needles have been found in mangoes, bananas, and apples. Produce has been disposed of by the ton. At least one person has eaten a contaminated berry. There have been more than 100 documented cases, and it's spread to New Zealand, where three needles were found in a punnet of strawberries. The strawberry industry is reeling. In short, it's some serious shit.

Which is why, when a New Zealand woman claimed to have found a needle in her McDonald's fries, both the chain and the authorities took the matter very seriously. As it turns out, whoops, what a coincidence, she was also missing a needle.

Metro reports that in a Facebook post, Ash Te Weri warned others to be cautious. She stated that the fries, which were included in a Happy Meal purchased in Whanganui, New Zealand, contained a needle, and also noted that hey, kids meals probably shouldn't contain needles. Te Weri also contacted the McDonald's in question, and the chain investigated, reviewing CCTV footage and contacting authorities about the incident.

Officers then searched Te Weri's home, where they found a packet of needles. Well, technically they found a packet of 19 needles and one empty needle-shaped-space, as one of the needles was missing. Per Metro, Detective Inspector Ross McKay described the affair as "an honest mistake": "The woman did the right thing reporting this incident, as did the business. There was no malicious intent here."

In the aftermath of the discovery of the smoking missing-needle-packet, Te Weri's Facebook post was removed.