Need Last-Minute Help With Dinner? Allow Reddit To Assist

Hey there, Takeout readers. To those observing Thanksgiving, we hope you have a fantastically relaxing day. To those who have to work on the holiday, we hope against hope that you are treated cordially by anyone and everyone you encounter. For those cooking anything from a snack to a feast, we wish you nothing but the best of luck. Here are some resources if you need inspiration or, more importantly, HELP:

  • Reddit's r/AskCulinary has a Thanksgiving hotline thread that encourages readers to send in their cooking quandaries. A spokesperson for Reddit tells The Takeout that the thread has been a holiday tradition for the last seven years, so clearly it must be useful enough to reboot each year. A lot of questions are about food safety and transferring the turkey from the freezer to the fridge to the sink to the oven. But there are all sorts of interesting queries about the best mac and cheese techniques, oven rack Tetris, and more. It's worth a read, no matter how prepared you feel.
  • Read over these tips and tricks for a less anxious turkey experience.
  • Gain inspiration from our Hibernation Holiday spread.
  • If you're still feeling overwhelmed, you could just turn everything into manageable, unstressful snacks. Yes, that might be just the thing.