Necco Wafers And Sweetheart Candies Saved From Dusty Extinction

Fans of the chalk-like substance that constitutes Necco wafers and Sweetheart candies have had a rough few months after the New England Candy Company abruptly closed in July. The enterprise was bankrupt before getting bought by Round Hill Investments, which subsequently turned around and sold the company to another candymaker. The factory was shuttered, the new company faceless, the Necco fans desolate.

Now, hope is in sight. Turns out that after a bit of back and forth, a company has decided to acquire the Necco wafer and Sweethearts brands. That company is Spangler Candy Co., maker of Dum-Dum lollipops, Circus Peanuts, and seasonal candy canes—which seems like a perfect match for nostalgic-but-not-necessarily-the-most-delicious candies. Spangler is based in Ohio, and The Toledo Blade reports the company hasn't decided yet whether to move all candy operations there, or keep the shuttered Necco factory in Boston. Also, since production on the Necco candies has now ceased, it will take a while to kick things into gear once again.

Nevertheless, Spangler CEO Kirk Vashaw announced upon the news of this acquisition, "We look forward to announcing the Sweethearts relaunch for the 2020 Valentine season, and hope to reintroduce Necco Wafers to the marketplace in 2019." So it looks Necco and Sweethearts fans will have to rely on their hoarded, dusty stockpiles for only a short while longer.