Natural Light Beer Now Available In Convenient 77-Packs

Natural Light is to college parties as seedy couches are to college parties. And the beer brand, owned by Anheuser-Busch, totally embraces this with its new 77-pack of cans, available exclusively around the College Park, Maryland area (home to the University Of Maryland).

The limited-edition packaging is a nod to the birth year of Natty Light—1977—and will hit stores in the next few days. A College Park liquor store I spoke to confirmed it would be receiving the 77-pack "today or tomorrow," and that it would retail for "just around $30." Our mass-market beer taste test determined that Natty Light tastes "like regular beer that's been passed through a Brita filter 10,000 times."

The hexagonal package warns that it is "not, not heavy." By my math, it would weigh in around 58 pounds (12 ounces x 77 divided by 16 ounces per pound). Presumably, it could then double as makeshift frat-house furniture, or an impromptu ice chest to hold more cold Natties. Godspeed, Terrapins.