Natty Light Supports The Washington Nationals In The World Series, Naturally

Natty Light Seltzer has been an underdog in the alcoholic seltzer wars, just like the Washington Nationals have been an underdog in the National League. But now that the Nats have done all the hard work and finally made it to the World Series, Natty Light is happy to jump on their bandwagon. Starting Friday, Natty Light Seltzer has announced it will be changing its name to Nationals Light Seltzer, at least at Nationals Park, at least as long as supplies last.

The best thing about this whole promotion is the cans themselves. Natty Light didn't bother to produce special cans. Instead, they just had someone—maybe a crack team of interns?—affix pieces of tape with the word "Nationals" on them over "Natty." Maybe the interns had to write "Nationals," too, who knows? Is it possible that the refusal to produce new cans is a passive-aggressive act of revenge on the part of Natty Light's parent company, Anheuser-Busch, which is based in St. Louis, home of the Cardinals, who lost to the Nats in the National League Championship Series?

But maybe the Racing Presidents will become seltzer fans this week. It's October baseball. Anything can happen.