Bros, Take Note: Natty Light Is Hiring A Virtual Intern

Despite foolhardy governments reopening businesses and the naive yet growing hope that everything will magically go back to normal, it's painfully obvious that summer has, for all intents and purposes, been canceled. Unfortunately for both young people and the corporations that exploit them, this means the 'rona has also disrupted that most esteemed of workplace traditions: the summer internship.

But bros of the world, take notice! Natty Light (which, despite never actually been having addressed by this name, is technically Natural Light) is offering a virtual summer internship to lift you out of your sweaty doldrums. The terms, according to Natty, are as follows:

Natural Light is searching nationwide for one well-rounded, Natty-Qualified individual and will task them with the utmost responsibility, launching a new innovation. This intern will have some big shoes to fill, following the success of recent innovations including Naturdays and the brand's Seltzer portfolio.

Natty also notes that "unlike other internships that require mad paper-pushing skills and HIIT-worthy coffee runs, this one will test the limits of creativity and imagination, with no need to relocate." Given that most people are desperate to be able to leave the house for something as benign as a coffee run this doesn't seem like something Natty should get credit for. But, considering that the pay is forty fucking dollars an hour (and that, according to CNN, most jobs in our busted mess of a country pay under $20 an hour), the remuneration is just a skosh more than might be expected.

If tasks such as "taste testing flavor combinations, market research, social media content creation, and a whole lot more" sound appealing to you, Natty says, "Applicants can post a photo, sketch, doodle or tweet of their flavor innovation with #NattyIntern #contest from April 28-May 17, and fill out the application on"