We Thought Natty Light Already Was Hard Seltzer

It didn't take long for hard seltzers to storm to the forefront of trendy drinking. As soon as top seller White Claw kicked down the door for low-calorie, fruit-flavored alcoholic drinks, a wave of rivals rushed in to strike while the iron's hot. Hard seltzers have become omnipresent throughout this year in particular; the arguable official drink of summer 2019 has even spawned a viral video, the ultimate sign of modern cultural relevance.

It wasn't going to be long before other established brands started jumping into the hard seltzer market, and Natty Light has already announced its own hard seltzers, around which its interns will surely be manufacturing fire viral content. Natural Light Seltzers, the so-called "seltzer you never saw coming," will be launched nationwide from today, in two flavors: mango/peach (Aloha Beaches) and black cherry/lime (Catalina Lime Mixer, god bless them). Natty's take on hard seltzer is stronger—at 6% ABV to other brands' roughly 5%—a bit heavier on calories—130 per can to other brands' roughly 100—and reportedly lower-priced than its primary competition.

Given that Natty is already enjoying one of the year's other big and unexpected alcohol-related successes with the strawberry lemonade variant Naturdays (which our own Kate Bernot found drinkable but not great), flavored hard seltzer is a wholly logical next step. Natural Light Seltzers will come in 12- and 24-packs, just in time for the oncoming deluge of late-summer gatherings and first-week college parties. As always, please chill with your bros responsibly.