Natty Light Seeks Summer Interns To Manufacture "Fire Viral Content" And "Sick Swag"

As colleges begin to send students home for the summer, scores of potential internships are popping up, all offering the opportunity for professional growth and a handful of them even paying actual money. Particularly in the social media world, where an active understanding of youth culture is the main day-to-day currency, companies and brands look to the next generation to show CEOs the next trend they can quickly run into the ground.

By now, many have already secured their summer work plans. But if you haven't, fret not: Natural Light is still in the market for a social media intern, and the job posting is written in such Gen Z-pandering language that we, like, can't even. The renowned macro-brew and mainstay of college football tailgates the nation over is in search of somebody who can perform the following tasks, among others:

  • Create fire viral content across all Natural Light Social Channels
  • Design some sick swag that gives consumers all the feels
  • Guerilla Marketing. If you have to ask, you can't handle it.
  • While Natty Light is hardly the worst sub-$10 beer one can find around the U.S., it's incredibly difficult to deny the urge to dunk on obnoxious job postings like this one. Anybody who's job hunted in the last five years can attest to their omnipresence: Friendly, "hey brah" requests for not-yet-degreed labor that foreground the Mario Kart 64 days and hammocks in the office while holding the parts about no healthcare and seven-night weeks for the second interview. (That said, and to their immense credit, at least the beer purveyor is paying their interns.)

    Is it corny? God, yeah. But far be it for us to argue that workplaces should be less friendly, at the very least. If you're interested in a job that could feasibly end up requiring you to shotgun a tallboy mid-interview, you might as well go right to the authentic source.

    If you lose out on Natty Light's internship, maybe that shitty full-time freelance position at Epicurious is still available?