Nashville Man Accused Of Assault With Biscuit

The facts of this case are scarce, but what little crumbs exists are rich and delicious, much like the weapon allegedly used by the accused.

According to WKRN, a 45-year-old Nashville man named Jeffrey Tomerlin was charged with public intoxication, assault, and vandalism for an incident that happened Sunday. Police said Tomerlin saw his ex-girlfriend with her new squeeze, then proceeded to pelt her in the face with a biscuit.

Then Tomerlin is alleged to have punched the hood of the car the new couple was riding in, threatening to kill them. After Tomerlin was arrested, police said he repeatedly banged his head inside the police vehicle.

But really, the whole reason The Takeout is bringing you this news: the biscuit weapon. We'd also like to acknowledge WKRN for this excellent on-screen graphic, which tells this simple case in an extremely succinct and compelling way in just five bullet points. Support local journalism and give them your click.