Nancy Pelosi, Justin Trudeau Squander Pandering Opportunity With Generic NBA Finals Food Bet

As the NBA finals continue to heat up, with the Golden State Warriors pulling off a dramatic 106-105 Game 5 comeback win Monday night over the Toronto Raptors (putting the Dubs down 3-2 on the series), the bets are escalating all over North America. To display some domestic spirit, U.S. Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi and Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau have made a friendly wager over this year's outcome.

Before Game 5, a formal statement announced the bet, which will see an international exchange of "local delicacies" no matter who takes home the prize in either one or two more Finals games. If the Warriors manage to come back from a 3-1 deficit and win their third consecutive NBA Championship (it'd be their fourth in the last five years), Pelosi will receive "a basket of locally-made goods from across Canada," which some outlets indicate will include bagels and beer. If the Raptors close out the series in either of the next two games, Trudeau will enjoy "San Francisco's Ghirardelli chocolate, California wine and a selection of California almonds and walnuts."

This all sounds, well, rather pedestrian. What happened when mayors used to bet two tons of Philly cheesesteak beef or a novelty peach cobbler the size of a Kia Sonata? Here's our humble suggestion: 1,000 Mission burritos vs. an above-ground swimming pool filled with Swiss Chalet sauce.

In either case, let's hope Pelosi and Trudeau can keep the rivalry nice and light, instead of, say, cheering on a superstar player's potential major injury. (Bad look, Toronto.)