Mr. Peanut And Dr. Ruth Have Hooked Up For Some Reason

When you think of Planters mascot Mr. Peanut, do you think of celebrity sex therapist Dr. Ruth Westheimer? Not in a million years, you say? Yeah, we are stumped to even imagine the marketing meeting that came up with pairing a monocle-wearing, top hat-sporting personified peanut with America's favorite 90-year-old sexpert. According to the press release in our inbox, it's because relationships are "nutty." There are other "nut" phrases we could come up with of a sexual nature, but we really don't want to.

Whatever birthed this union, it's 2019, so here we are. Mr. Peanut is now fielding your questions on Twitter for the reopened hotline of one Dr. Ruth Westheimer, who is the subject of a new documentary, Ask Dr. Ruth, that just premiered at Sundance.

So far, these Twitter question are pretty tame—maybe the voicemail ones are steamier.

This one appears to be the classic Dr. Ruth question:

And some queries just seem to be pushing peanuts:

It's a bit of a stretch of a marketing ploy, but we're happy to see the indefatigable Westheimer back in the spotlight, so we'll allow it. Just be sure to get those questions in before Thursday (tomorrow) for a chance at a possible reply from the good doctor herself, which is enough to make me submit a question. Planters says it will follow up the hotline effort with a video of Dr. Ruth answering some of the submitted questions in a video next week, just in time for Valentine's Day.