Last Call: Mr. Bean Makes A Sandwich

As kids, my cousins and I were quite enamored of Mr. Bean's comedy, and we'd try to recreate his facial expressions and amused noises to not-great success. One of the videos I remember watching was his assembling-a-sandwich in the park bit, which I recently rediscovered while searching for unrelated sandwich content on YouTube. (What, not a favorite hobby of yours?) The lettuce part kind of still gets me. [Kate Bernot]

Colton jumped the fence!

Reality shows are always pulling out lines like, "Most dramatic season ever!" and "You won't want to miss this one!" This Bachelor season has been a bit of a snooze until now, actually, with good-natured yet not necessarily compelling football player Colton Underwood at the helm. This all changed last night when Colton's long-teased wall jump finally happened. From the start of the season, we'd seen the footage when Colton makes a run for it, jumping over a fence, causing host ChrisHarrison to race after him the dark, yelling out, "Colton!" We'd been waiting for it for weeks. How could this moment, when it happened, possibly live up to the hype?


Believe me when I tell you that Colton's wall jump (okay, now that it's happened, it's technically a fence) was absolutely worth the wait. First we had to sit through one of the most excruciating hours of television I've ever witnessed in my life, as Colton, who has been hoping all season to find someone he can spend his life with, thought he found that person with Cassie, only to find out that Cassie was not 100-percent on board. It was awful, yet like a relationship collision, yet we could not look away. Colton was shaking, Cassie cried, we all cried. Then Colton decides he's done with this, runs away from the cameras, pulls off his mic, and hits the road. Host Harrison was left to mutter, "He jumped the fucking fence." It was magnificent.


Next week wraps everything up (although how, because Cassie's gone and Colton has already gone on record as not that into the two girls left behind), and I will actually be sorry to see this Bachelor season end. [Gwen Ihnat]