In Memoriam: The Mouse Who Met Its Terrible End In A Whataburger Fryer

A note: If you're squeamish about either rodents near food in restaurants, or rodents dying on camera, this news item features both. You've been warned accordingly.

A Whataburger location in (you guessed it) Texas was the site of an unfortunate and now-viral situation on Saturday, after a man filmed a mouse wandering around prep tables near the cash registers until one customer's attempts to catch and release it led to the mouse falling into a deep fryer. Refunds were given, the restaurant was temporarily shut down for cleaning, and a wealth of memes have been disseminated in the days since. It was all captured on video, if it's really something you want to see.

However, too few people seem upset by the passing of the mouse, which we've dubbed Ketchup after Whataburger's most beloved export. Ketchup simply wanted to go on a midnight adventure, likely without an understanding that Texas' favorite 24-hour restaurant chain would still be full of people at the time. Imagine how distressed Ketchup probably was, being met with the rancorous shouts and guffaws of customers left hungry and quite possibly intoxicated after the first college football game day of the season.

So here's the memorial Ketchup deserves:Ketchup enjoyed nibbling, scrounging, and occasionally being fawned over by open-minded and -hearted individuals, even while often being misunderstood in the same way as countless other rodents. Like many, Ketchup was enthusiastic about the Texas-via-Chicago restaurant chain, and while he wasn't able to secure a last meal before his fatal and accidental swan dive, he was at least surrounded by the sounds and smells of comfort and convenience.

Rest easy, Ketchup. You were too pure for this world, and for its deep fryers.