Mountain Dew Created A Soda Designed To Pair With KFC's Original Recipe Chicken

It's been 15 years since Mountain Dew first unleashed Baja Blast on the unsuspecting public, a partnership with Taco Bell that was a first for the vividly-colored soft drink brand. But now the Dew has dared to dance the wicked dance again, this time with KFC, unstoppering the cork on a soda that was created to pair specifically with the chain's Original Recipe chicken.

Sweet Lightning, which a press release calls an "out-of-this-sky refreshment" (get it?), has flavors of peach and honey, a combination intended to compliment "the Colonel's secret blend of 11 herbs and spices." The drink is available exclusively at KFC, so unless you're willing to make two trips, it'll be tough to check and see if it's just as good with Popeyes.