Mountain Dew Gets Into The Hot Sauce Game

Mountain Dew is fully committed to cleaning you from the inside out. Last spring Australians got limited-edition Mountain Dew Doritos. But that's not good enough for Americans, oh no! We are getting Mountain Dew Hot Sauce!

Yes, it's true. The soda company has teamed up with the hot sauce shop iBurn and noted hot sauce fan Joel Embiid of the Philadelphia 76ers—who once appeared on an episode of Hot Ones on YouTube and ate all ten chicken wings, including the one doused with a sauce that measured 2,000,000+ on the Scoville scale—to develop its very own brand of hot sauce. It will taste like... spicy Mountain Dew? It's not quite clear. As Grace Perry wrote at the time of the release of the Mountain Dew Doritos, "I really could not possibly describe the flavor profile of Mountain Dew, other than that it tastes exactly like Mountain Dew. The brand describes the flavor as lemon-citrus, which certainly doesn't account for the sugar overload."

But since DEW Nation, like the United States, is a democracy—at least for now—its citizens will have the chance to vote, via social media, for which hot sauce flavor sounds best. And then Mountain Dew promises to manufacture the winner. The choices, ranging from least hot to hottest, are Peri-Peri, Datil, Habanero, and Fatalii.

The only problem with this is that none of the options are available for tasting, which doesn't seem quite fair. Hot sauce is a variable thing. We should be allowed to investigate fully before making such an important decision. But the virtual polls close tomorrow, so if you want to stand up and be counted, head over to Twitter and make your click heard.