Last Call: What's The Most Popular Pi Day Pie In Your State?

If you haven't used it, Google Trends is a delightful tool that lets you see what everyone, from the privacy of their laptops and phones, is really searching the internet for. Since our individual search histories are mighty personal, it's probably best not to think about how that sort of data is being monitored, aggregated, and turned into fun charts and maps for our consumption. To wit, please enjoy this map of the most uniquely searched-for pies by state in the lead-up to Pi Day on March 14!

The prevalence of apple pie on this map is a strong indicator that the results aren't too terribly skewed in search of the most "unique" results; same goes for sweet potato pie (favored throughout the South) and the strong representation of berry pies, including strawberry rhubarb, huckleberry, and boysenberry—the latter potentially a nod to California's underdog theme park, Knott's Berry Farm.

Of course, you cannot, and shall not, forget about savory pies. Wisconsin showed some love (or at least curiosity) to Spaghetti Pie, Maryland and Louisiana went in a fishy pie direction, and Rhode Island kept things delightfully broad with searches for "Meat Pie." (We've got a recipe for that, too.) If you're going for pie, are you typically in the mood to make it your entree or dessert?

Like so many data maps, meaning is in the eye of the beholder. Mostly I'm just proud that the Midwest turned out for the "chocolate and nuts" category, because nothing could be truer to my preferences and experience (I was raised on little else). And I've come away with an urgent desire to make a few pies on this list. Any Cheeseburger Pie bakers out there in the audience? I'm going to need you to impart all your wisdom immediately.