Americans Simply Love Ordering Cold, Soggy Fries On Uber Eats

The Uber Eats 2021 Cravings Report sheds light on customers' ordering habits.

As 2021 draws to an agonizing close, it's clear that we've learned a few things—like the truly miraculous nature of vaccines, or the importance of holding your Biz Markies close (RIP). Of course, 2021 has also re-emphasized consumers' obsession with third-party food delivery apps like Uber Eats. Now, Uber Eats is sharing a few of its own takeaways in regards to Americans' ordering habits, and this year's most-ordered food may come as a surprise.

America’s top order: French fries

According to a press release sent to The Takeout, Uber Eats compiled customer order data to determine 2021's key delivery ordering trends. One of the data points listed the most popular foods ordered on Uber Eats, with French fries, pad thai, and garlic naan topping the list.


Pad thai, I get. Garlic naan, I get. But I'm admittedly surprised that so many customers are ordering French fries for delivery, given the humble fry's transit issues. Personally, every time I order fries for delivery, they arrive damp and soggy after spending time in a takeout container. Uber Eats fans, y'all are still ordering fries for delivery? Freaks, all of you!

(That said, if you need tips on reviving the fries once they arrive, follow our guidance here.)

Other fun takeaways from the Uber Eats report

The Uber Eats report included some other intriguing snippets; for example, the fact that orders of cheese fries increased more than 1,234% when compared to pre-pandemic data. The report also included the strangest, most specific notes that customers submitted with their orders, like this one ostensibly sent to a doughnut shop:


"Oh ye, paragons of pastries craft, yon into hither box the reaping of your craft. Please hook me up with 10 maple bars or as close as you can (please no "filled" it's too much raw maple. I know, you're thinking "this guy needs to up his maple tolerance" and you're right, but I'm working on it, baby steps.) and then a couple glazed old fashioned as well. You guys are the real MVPs out here doin' the doughnut work, I'll raise a glass in your honor... then I will put the glass down and stuff my face with doughnuts like a.... fat guy... eating doughnuts."

If anything, the report goes to show that every company, everywhere, is tracking your data, all the time. Alarming! Anyway, if you want to take a break from eating soggy fries, you can check out the report here.