8 Of The Most Impressive Fast Food Guinness World Records

Fast food can cause us to unhinge our jaws, but also make them drop.

Fast food outlets and Guinness World Record books have been satisfying our cravings and curiosity, respectively, for decades. And sometimes, those two glorious realms overlap in some incredible edible feats.

Earning a coveted Guinness World Record takes focus, determination, and sometimes, a lot of Big Macs. Many of the records are set by the companies themselves, whether to raise their public profile or inspire adulation from the masses. Nothing wrong with impressing your loyal customers! Let's have a look at some of those astounding fast food world records—the big, the expensive, and even the very, very small.

Burger King: World’s largest aluminum sculpture

Ask any kid (or adult) and they'll tell you that wearing the majestic Burger King crown upon your head is a highlight of eating there. And in 2011, the Burger King crown received the grand recognition it deserves when an enormous replica was unveiled in New York City. Made from aluminum, it weighed in at a whopping 1,026 lbs.


The giant crown was unveiled as part of the Statue of Liberty's 125th birthday celebrations, with BK making a $125,000 donation to the statue's restoration fund. Long live the King!

Pizza Hut: Highest altitude pizza delivery on land

In 2016, every delivery driver in the world was put to shame when a Pizza Hut team delivered a pizza to the top of Mount Kilimanjaro—Africa's highest mountain. A very cool way indeed to celebrate the launch of Tanzania's first Pizza Hut. It took the team four days of walking, driving, and flying to get it to the top of that mountain, and once there, they all shared the well-deserved pizza. Still, no word on whether anyone received a tip.


McDonald’s: Most expensive chicken nugget sold at online auction

Next time you're digging into some chicken nuggs, check to see if any of them resemble a video game character. Because it could score you a major payday, as it did for eBay user "polizna" in 2021. A McDonald's nugget they found that (apparently?) resembles an Among Us character managed to attract 185 bids and eventually sold for $99,997. No chicken nugget had ever sold online for such a high figure.


Although it's technically a McDonald's world record, the credit really belongs to intensity of online fandom and the superhuman restraint of "polizna." They managed to resist the urge to eat the McNugget! Very few could.

Domino’s: Most pizzas made in one hour by a team

We very quickly return to pizza (story of my life) to acknowledge this awe-inspiring record that was set in 2012. A team at a Domino's in Bundaberg, Australia succeeded in making 837 pizzas in one hour. In fact, they beat the previous record of 500 pizzas after just 32 minutes. It's further proof that sometimes it takes Aussies to show Americans how to junk food. Another example: stacking M&M's.


Arby’s: Smallest advertisement and largest advertisement

To celebrate its newfound partnership with Coca-Cola in 2018, Arby's served up an epic 2-for-1 deal: breaking two advertising world records in the one campaign. Arby's commissioned one very small advertisement, printed on a single sesame seed, and one enormous poster, spanning nearly five acres.


To add amusement to awesomeness, Arby's unveiled the huge poster in America's smallest town (Monowi, Nebraska), whose sole resident was in attendance for the unfurling. This pair of record-breaking ads is not only an impressive feat, it also explains why Arby's is currently the leading fast food chain among both ants and giants.

Krispy Kreme: Largest box of doughnuts

Kuwait Food Co. Americana became the envy of police officers everywhere in 2009 when it unveiled the largest ever box of Krispy Kreme doughnuts (or any doughnuts, for that matter). The box, 19 feet long and 13 feet wide, was crammed with 2,700 of Krispy Kreme's finest. The giant replica box even displayed all the labels and details that you would find encasing a typical Krispy Kreme dozen. Now that's just showing off.


McDonald’s: Most Big Macs eaten in a lifetime

You may recall us mentioning Donald Gorske once or twice, but it's still not enough. His record of eating 32,000+ Big Macs (around one a day for 50 years) easily ranks as one of the most impressive fast food records ever. Not only does Donald enjoy the taste of Big Macs, but he seems to genuinely love everything about them—he even keeps the receipts and the cartons that the burgers came in. Unsurprisingly, it's also very clear that McDonald's loves him back.


Starbucks: Most nations in an online sing along

Let's wash down all of those heavy food records with a drink... and a song. In December 2009, Starbucks invited people around the world to take part in a singalong over the internet. Not only was it intended as a heartwarming moment of global togetherness, but it also aimed to raise awareness and funds for the fight against AIDS in Africa. In the end, people from well over 100 countries tuned in to belt out "All You Need is Love" by The Beatles, the most countries to ever partake in an online singalong. The record for most cringe-inducing online singalong, however, would not be set until 2020.