More Ways To Support Black Food Justice

So Aunt Jemima has been retired, with Uncle Ben, Mrs. Butterworth, and the Eskimo Pie soon to follow. The editor of Bon Appetit has stepped down after racist policies at the magazine were exposed. Corporate America now knows what Juneteenth is and some companies even gave workers the day off. But, as Michael Harriot of The Root has pointed out on Twitter, "Don't let up, y'all. So far, all they've done is give us a three day weekend and changed the syrup logo. Police haven't stopped killing us."


The editors at Civil Eats have put it another way: "Food justice is racial justice. Food and agriculture, like everything in this country, are deeply intertwined with our nation's entrenched history of slavery and structural racism."

So even though Aunt Jemima is on her way out, there's still plenty of work to be done. Civil Eats has provided a list of national, regional, and local groups working to provide food for Black communities and funding for Black farmers and can use your help. And if you know of an organization that's not listed, please let the editors know.