More Dalgona Coffee Recipes To Channel Your Inner TikTok Teen

Nothing, not even a pandemic, can stop South Korean teens from being weirdo geniuses on the internet. The latest evidence of that fact of life: dalgona coffee. The beverage, which first emerged on TikTok (obviously), is nothing more than instant coffee, hot water, sugar, and cold milk. It's basically a Frappuccino and, more importantly, it's extremely Instagrammable. We successfully whipped up a gorgeous batch of Dalgona coffee last week—and we're not even South Korean Gen Z-ers!—so you probably can, too.


We started with the basic coffee recipe. But there's a big, wide world of dalgona concoctions out there. Mashable Southeast Asia compiled a series of dalgona coffee YouTube recipes, which include:

  1. Matcha Dalgona Green Tea Latte
  2. Chocolate Dalgona
  3. Dalgona Milk Tea + Dalgona Scone
  4. Strawberry + Oreo Dalgona
  5. Dalgona Milo
  6. Dalgona Cake (!!!)

Whichever recipe you try, know that you'll be asked to whip an egg into frothy oblivion. This requires either a) egg beater ownership, or b) biceps looking for a hearty workout. Since we might never be able to go to the gym again, most of us at least fall into category B, if not both. Next, you'll melt sugar and a little hot water to make a shiny glaze and mix it into the egg froth. Boom. Dalgona.

If quarantine has you bored enough to churn homemade butter, you certainly have the time to try on dalgona coffee for size. Got any genius dalgona concoctions of your own? Please, we beg you, tell us in the comments.