The Food At Tonight's MLB Field Of Dreams Game Sounds Pretty Great

Tonight, the best food in baseball will be found in Dyersville, Iowa.

This week started off with a bang at The Takeout, when we not only learned of the existence of an Apple Pie Hot Dog crafted by Flavortown deity Guy Fieri, but we also got to taste a sample of the dinner-dessert hybrid for ourselves. (It earned high marks.) This unique dog was designed by Fieri in partnership with Chevrolet, and it'll be launching today at the MLB Field of Dreams game in Dyersville, Iowa. Only 8,000 very lucky attendees of tonight's game will be able to taste the concoction—for now.

It's unclear whether the Apple Pie Hot Dog will eventually become available at other ballparks, or if the promotion was meant only to promote Field of Dreams. But this got us thinking about what other concession stand treats might be on offer at tonight's game. This White Sox–Yankees game isn't taking place at an established park, after all; a new 8,000-seat facility was constructed just for this game. (It's unclear how the shiny new park will be used hereafter; the company that owns the site from the original Field of Dreams movie will determine exactly what to do with it.) A brand-new ballpark deserves brand-new ballpark food, right?

What concessions will be available at MLB at Field of Dreams tonight?

The MLB Ballpark app's Concessions page for the Field of Dreams game explains that Aramark will deliver "a variety of locally-inspired concession items" so that visitors to the park can get the full Iowa experience. No only that, but the company is taking cues from the Iowa State Fair, a pinnacle of culinary innovation. It goes on:


Specialty food and beverage offerings will include Iowa State Fair fan favorites like cheese curds from Curds&Cakes and deep-fried Oreos, Field of Dreams Nachos topped with pulled pork, cheese sauce, avocado cream, corn and tomato salsa and the Pork Tenderloin Sandwich from Cornfield Classics served with lettuce, mustard, pickle on a grilled bun. Fans can also purchase commemorative items including the Field of Dreams Souvenir Cup at various concession locations.

If fans would prefer to keep their distance from one another on the concourse, QR codes and mobile ordering will be available through the Ballpark app, too. Which of these delicacies sounds the most delicious to you, readers? I say, when in the Midwest, go with the pork tenderloin. (That is, after you grab an Apple Pie Hot Dog. And, okay, a deep-fried Oreo or two.)