Milwaukee Bucks Fans Have A Beer Button Now

At the time of this writing, the Milwaukee Bucks are ranked first in the NBA Eastern Conference, a standing no doubt helped by a current four-game win streak (and by the fact that the team includes Giannis Antetokounmpo). But fans have another, non-basketball reason to celebrate: Last week, the team and its arena unveiled the Beer Button, the latest innovation in the realm of sports-related alcohol consumption. Per Sports Illustrated, it allows spectators at Fiserv Forum to have beers delivered directly to their seats.

It's pretty simple, actually, as these very helpful instructions make clear.

  1. Download the Bucks & Fiserv Forum app. (Yes, downloading apps for everything is irritating, but if you happen to be a Bucks fan, this one means you don't have to stand in the beer line.)
  2. Navigate to the Arena section.
  3. Tap the Coors Light Beer Button, then input your seat number.
  4. Select up to two beers.
  5. Get distracted by an Antetokounmpo dunk, forget to order, remember 20 minutes later, go back to step one and hope to get further this time.
  6. Pay, using a card or Apple Pay or whatever.
  7. Show your ID to the nice person who shows up with your beers.
  8. Drink beers.

The button launched on Saturday, December 29, when the Bucks successfully squared off against the Brooklyn Nets. The advantages of said button should be pretty clear—beer lines can be mighty long, basketball moves fast, you paid a lot for that ticket, you're at the whim of the vendors who wander the arena, etc.—but there's also a disadvantage. To get the Beer Button to show up, you have to turn on your location services, which... aren't great.

Still, if you're comfortable with that (or comfortable with the "share my location only while using this app" setting), you can now allow the beer to come to you. And while the Beer Button isn't responsible for the Bucks' current hot streak, it's also not not responsible. This writer humbly requests that the Portland Trail Blazers implement a Beer Button at the Moda Center, and while they're at it, if they could start playing better, that would be great too.