Millions Of People Watched A Lemon Roll Down A Hill

In these trying times, people are desperate for anything that will take their mind off of the hellscape political climate or the rapidly sizzling actual climate. So you have to take your zen moments where you can find them, which is likely why millions of people watched random San Diego man Mike Sakasegawa's video of a lemon rolling down a hill for about a quarter of a mile, according to The Washington Post.

As one poster pointed out, "This has simultaneously been the most peaceful and stressful part of my day." The video has both a delightful flavor of joie de vivre (look at this happy little lemon rolling down a hill!) and an impending sense of suspense (oh my god, what if the lemon gets squashed!). Fortunately, the lemon survives, and Sakasegawa doesn't even cut it up to put in his iced tea, but gives it a happy home under a lemon tree.

Sakasegawa seems a bit overwhelmed by his 15 minutes of fame, telling the Post, "I think that on some level, something goes viral every day. I think it's kind of just random chance. Judging by the things that people had been saying, people find it soothing. They just like to have a little bit of a break from everything that's going on." He also answered certain questions people have about the lemon on Twitter: It was already rolling when he first saw it, and only stopped when it reached the bottom of the hill. Sakasegawa has already been approached by a publisher to turn the lemon story into children's book, which seems like a gimme. When life gives you a rolling lemon, you might as well make internet gold with it, so congrats to him.