Miller Lite Has Built A Working Video Game Controller In A Beer Can

In the annals of modern engineering, mankind has achieved one stunning feat after the next. We've put humans on the moon, and more than the once. Self-driving motor vehicles are bound to become part of everyday life before too long. The average human lifespan continues to increase. But every so often an innovation comes along that pushes its entire medium forward, one which distinguishes itself as a pioneer of the form. Today, Miller Lite has turned a beer can into a video game controller.

It's also not just a factory prototype, even if the odds of getting your hands on one are pretty slim. The Cantroller is part of a Miller tie-in campaign for the ongoing 2019 E3 (Electronic Entertainment Expo) in Los Angeles; as an epicenter of the gaming industry's year, brands often look to get in on the fun. But with the Cantroller, which is indeed filled with a regular-ounce portion of Miller Lite, the macro-brew distinguishes itself from the pack. It's a functioning digital controller, complete with micro-USB ports and a rechargeable battery, albeit one reportedly optimal for older games with less demanding control schemes.

If you want it, and you haven't already signed up, the June 12th competition's registration has already closed, alas. However, in-person registration will still be allowed on a limited basis for walk-ups, so if you're in Los Angeles right now, and you want to play Street Fighter against Eric Andre in order to win one of these, your moment has come. Just don't crush the Cantroller against your skull in a display of triumph when you're done chugging. (Also, you'll be able to watch this all play out on Twitch, because that's where all the playful branding goes down these days.)