Dressed In Red Carpet Gowns, Milano Cookies Have Never Looked Better

Hot on the heels of the Super Bowl, where the ads are often infuriatingly over-the-top, comes another much-hyped televised event: The 92nd Academy Awards air this Sunday, February 9. This is, in my correct opinion, entirely too early for the Oscars to be airing. Some of us still need to watch three of the Best Picture movies because some of us made the miscalculation that Uncut Gems would be among the nominees and went to see that instead of 1917 and now everything's behind schedule. Sorry, I'm still upset by all of this.

The Oscars aren't typically known for dazzling advertisements, but that might change this year. Pepperidge Farm, purveyors of delicious grocery store cookies, is running a pretty mesmerizing promotion on social media for its Milano sandwich cookies. Observe:

I'm already a sucker for cookie decorating videos on Instagram, and this takes things to the next level with what appears to be fondant in addition to icing. Moreover, this is a promotion that plays on our knowledge of celebrities and pop culture, but doesn't (or at least, not in these teaser spots) rope in any actual celebrities for strained one-liners or gimmicky hijinks. I will head to Milano's Twitter feed on Sunday, because I do want to see more of these hot red carpet looks cookie-fied. I've fallen hook, line, and sinker. I am powerless.

Here's a closer look at the dress gallery:

Also fun: they don't reveal whose dress is whose, because it's far more fun to clock how many you can pick out for yourself. I'm 5 out of 6. How about you?